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A rising pop artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Singapore, Leo, also known by his stage name ICEBOX, aims to make his mark in the music scene with his raw songwriting and unique voice, along with an utmost professional level of production.artists-ICEBOXGrowing up surrounded by music, with influences from Youtube, friends, family and church, Leo has always had an affinity for music. He picked up the piano through videos on Youtube when he was 10, and learnt guitar from his parents, but only kept music as a hobby. Learning music production in 2020, he slowly grew his passion for music, and eventually chose to pursue it full time.His slow but promising rise in Singapore was catalysed when he was added to Spotify algorithmic and editorial playlists in mid-2022. Since then, he has been consistently releasing music while maintaining industry-standard production in his songs. As someone who experiments with different genres of pop, there will always be something new to treat one’s ears with each release.Through a formal music education, ICEBOX honed his musicianship and artistry, influenced by his fellow musicians. Currently, as an artist under PARKA, he is working on an album conceptually based on his raw experiences of heartaches, tentatively coming out in 2024.