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Jeyes is an 18-year-old Singaporean-Chinese singer-songwriter who is known to the world for his acoustic bedroom pop sound.His innate musicality was made clear from the get-go when he first uploaded an acoustic guitar cover of Easy by Mac Ayres to streaming platforms, which garnered over 500,000 streams on Spotify, before entering the foray of songwriting. As a songwriter, his uniquely warm and sincere boy-next-door personality has become a trademark of his sound, as he works on music that not only emotionally resonates with listeners, but expresses what they sometimes struggle to on their own.artists-JeyesJeyes outshines many on streaming services, having accumulated over 1.5 million streams combined on Spotify alone, being regularly playlisted on regional editorial playlists across Southeast Asia.Since working with PARKA, Jeyes has released his EP, “only us”, showcasing his exploration of sounds and textures from influences like bands Valley and The 1975.With his innate sound, musicality and a strong team supporting him, Jeyes is on the path to becoming Southeast Asia’s next big singer-songwriter act.