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artists-lovlainelovlaine is a 23-year-old Chinese Indonesian singer-based in Singapore. She first gained widespread Internet recognition for her song covers in various languages, which has amassed her over 1.7 million likes on singular Tiktok videos. After her success with short form content, lovlaine began releasing genre-fluid songs about her personal stories, earning over 300,000 streams on Spotify overall. She finds joy in expressing herself through writing and making songs that inspire romance.lovlaine’s journey started years before receiving attention on TikTok. As a young artist, lovlaine started singing from her grandmother when she was 4 years old. She formally learned piano and violin and picked up the guitar in middle school, before writing her own songs by 13. From creating her first covers on Vine to becoming a well-known Tiktok singer-songwriter in the region, she has since collaborated with global brands while steadily building her own distinct repertoire as an artist.lovlaine’s distinct, cheeky, yet introspective reveals her potential to be one of Asia’s next big artists, as she develops her artistry and craft as one of Asia's upcoming premier songwriters.